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The key is that we must begin to listen to differing opinions, even when it's difficult. Important voices are being silenced. 

to waking up is to protect free speech, to encourage the free flow of ideas, open discussion and debate. They are willing to speak truth to power and share information and perspectives that are counter to the dominent mainstream media, corporate-government narratives. They don't get every right all of the time. No one does. This is not an exhoustive list, but it is an excellent starting point. 

Dr. Jessica Rose
Alex Berenson


Unity Project
Mark Crispin Miller
Dr. Tess Lawrie
Pierre Kory, MD, MPH
Paul Marik
Dr. Robert Malone
Byram Bridle
Charlie Hoff
Naomi Wolf
Steve Kirsch
Nick Korbensky
Chris Martenson, Phd
Chris Masterjohn, Phd
Dr. Richard Urso
Dr. Richard Flemming
Dr. Aaron Kheriaty
Dr. Marty Makary
Dr. George Fareed and Dr. Brian Tyson
Edward Dowd
Catherine Austin Fitts
Dr. Richard Bartlett
Dr. Ryan Cole
Dr. Peter McCullough
Dr. Saneel Dhand
Dr. Mobeen (Bean) Syed
Peak Prosperity
The Darkhorse Podcast
The Joe Rogan Experience
The Jimmy Dore Show
The HighWire with Del Bigtree
Allison Morrow
Kim Iverson
Russell Brand
Jimmy Dore
Whitney Webb
Matt Tiabbi 
Dr. Gaart Vanden Bossche
Dr. Kelly Brogan
Dr. Jay Bhatacharya
Dr. Martin Kulldorff
Dr. Meryl Nass
Dr. Joseph Mercola
Dr. Peter Attia
Dr. Drew Pinsky
Dr. Harvey Risch
Dr. Joseph Ladapo
Dr. Russell Blaylock
Dr. Scott Atlas
Dolores Cahil
Dr. Michael Yeadon

The Gray Zone
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. 
Reiner Fullmark

Frontline Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC)
National Coalition of Frontline Workers
Make America Free Again
Unlimited Hangout
TrialSite News
Children's Health Defense
Great Barrington Declaration
COVEXIT YouTube channel
Project Veritas
Totality of Evidence
Brownstone Institute
World Council for Health
Declaration of Canadian Physicians for Science and Truth
Doctors for COVID Ethics

Uninformed Consent
Plandemic Indoctornation
A Letter to Dr. Andrew Hill
Infertility: A Diabolical Agenda
RIGGED: Maddie De Gary story



References to the text update underneath the video.

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A brief overview: What are digital ID vaccine passports?

*Organized by timestamp

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The first important widely held misconception about mandatory vaccination and the passports: "If I get vaccinated, I will have my freedom back." --a thought shared by millions

*Organized by timestamp

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The pandemic may end, but vaccine passports will never end. What is really behind the push to roll them out all over the world?

*Organized by timestamp

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Exploring the Chinese (CCP) model: Digital ID vaccine passports are the beginning of a permanent surveillance and social control system. 

*Organized by timestamp


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The roadmap to dystopia (HELL) begins with digital ID vaccine passports.

*Organized by timestamp

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29:05 - "Microsoft president: Orwell’s 1984 could happen in 2024." BBC, 27 May 2021,

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