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of the COVID-19


Just 2 Keys to end the restrictions and the need for vaccine passports.

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January 1st, 2021

Principle Author: Mark Abrams

“Do you know when THIS is going to end?”

Those were her first words, and they struck a chord with me.


It was Friday, May 29th, 2020, midafternoon in Colorado, warm and sunny, about two-and-a-half months since the lockdowns began for much of the world.


At that moment, I don’t think she could have imagined what “THIS” might entail, but I had a real sense of it. I could see the writing clearly on the wall.


She asked the question with such calm and sincere innocence, like a curious child whose parents limited her access to the news. Maybe she thought I was an oracle or seer.


I felt sadness in her eyes, but it may have been my projection. It was challenging to get a good read behind the light-blue surgical mask. I wondered what was going on in her life.


Viral news of a Black man dying under the pressure of a police officer’s knee hadn’t yet spread like ravaging wildfires scorching across all of Earth. The protests and riots didn’t really start to heat up until that evening.


Many Black Americans were already having trouble breathing. They were dying from the virus at a rate that was--and still is—two times greater than that of White people. [22]


The thin young-middle-aged brown-skin woman who asked me the question was wearing an oversized t-shirt, shorts, and burgundy flip-flops. Her appearance looked a bit disheveled. She appeared anxious but with a non-threatening energy.


We were both waiting in line to order, standing outside the Chipotle entrance in a suburb of Denver. Only five customers were permitted in at a time. It was just her and me. I was the next one allowed to enter.


Caught off guard by her question, I hesitated with a response, not wanting to do harm with a doom-and-gloom opinion. Fumbling from behind my smothering tight black-cloth mask (I’ve since invested in less restrictive coverings), I meekly responded, “that’s a great question . . . I don’t know.”


As one customer exits, I step in, leaving the anxious woman outside by herself.


The encounter disturbed me for a while.


May this project help everyone breathe a little easier.

Just 2 Keys to end the COVID-19 Nightmare: 

Drastically reduce the overall risk of COVID-19 hospitalization and death. 

It may be able to end nearly all of the pandemic-related restrictions within a matter of weeks so that life may return to normal.

Provide a reliable bridge and safety net for those people at high risk of
COVID-19 infection, until they are able to VOLUNTARILY opt in for one of the vaccines.


Immediately and significantly reduce the risk of severe COVID-19 disease and death for those who are currently hospitalized or have an active infection. This is something a vaccine will never do.


Significantly ease the burden on strained hospitals and the overall medical system.

Significantly improve your ability to handle all future COVID-19 variants and help prepare the world for future biological threats.

Come together as one united front--7.6 billon strong--armed with absolutely irrefutable information--
to implement widely available, remarkably safe (FDA & WHO approved), highly effective, simple, and low-cost solutions to save more than 8 out of 10 lives, and reclaim all of our lost freedoms.

PUT AN END TO ALL ATTEMPTS by governments and private industry to make the COVID-19 vaccines mandatory and the issuance of vaccine/immunity passports. There is zero need for mandatory vaccinations. Doing so would set an extremely dangerous precedent for the entire world. Once it begins, it will never end. 


My upfront commitment to you is that there will be no wild speculation or unsupported claims.

There are evidence-informed actions that we can immediately take to end this pandemic right now that do not require indefinite impingement on our freedoms, decimating entire world economies, causing untold millions to lose their livelihoods and businesses, and all the adverse mental, emotional, social and financial ripple effects of COVID-19 lockdowns, restrictions, and isolation.


This approach has been heavily researched, cited, and reviewed by medical doctors. As more doctors, scientists, and laypeople from around the world provide additional information, modifications will be made.

I intend to uphold the highest standards of integrity, accepting full responsibility for any oversights and mistakes. Without trust, we have nothing. For the sake of transparency, a revision history will be accessible, detailing the changes.

The future of human freedom is in our hands, all 7.6 billion of us.

- Donate & Support - 

This project is a grassroots effort. It is offered as a gift to the world and is fully supported by donations. 

Since April 2020, I have devoted over 3000 hours researching, writing, and producing this project. And there is still more to do. In addition, I have spent hundreds of dollars of my own money on research studies, images, and small developer tasks. 


I intend to work tirelessly to spread the message but need a good bit of support in order to keep on keeping on.

Even the smallest contribution helps to support me and is greatly appreciated. 


Send a quick PayPal contribution to
Credit or debit card:

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OR Ethereum (ETH) to this address: 


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Contribute time, skills & ideas

If you would like to support the project with your time and skills, or have ideas to share, please get in touch with this contact form >>


Medical and Scientific Reviewers:
Thank you to the medical reviewers: Naveen Thomas, MD, MPH, Santosh Rao, MD, and Joshua Rycus, DO. 


Thank you to my editors, Joe Garofalo, Donna Okray Parman, Kimberly Cortez, Desiree Saltkill, and Rachel Rhodes, for their valuable feedback, suggestions, and for catching embarrassing mistakes.


General Acknowledgements:
In addition to the hundreds of hours I have spent going down rabbit holes, reviewing scientific journal articles, the following humans’ professional work has been especially helpful to the construction of this paper: Chris Masterjohn, PhD, Rhonda Patrick, PhD, Mobeen Syed MD, MSJohn Campbell, PhD, Jeffrey Bland, PhD, Ethan Will Taylor, PhD, Ananda S Prasad, MD, Chris Martenson, PhD, Paul Marik, MD, Michael Holick, PhD, MD, Michael T Murry ND, Roger Seheult, MD, Alex Vasquez DC, ND, DO, and data analyst, Juan Chamie. I would also like to thank TrialSite News, the anonymous team behind and the anonymous physicians behind Whiteboard Doctor


These general acknowledgements do not represent my full endorsements of the individual’s acknowledged, or their full body of work.

Image Credits
All licensed images are from
- Keyhole banner image: Composition by author - fran_kie #331153264
- Writing on the wall: Composition by author - psychoshadow #140643204, 
   1STrunningART #248009995, IRINA #338035800, yanikap #272463767



22. APM Research Lab Staff
APM Research Lab Nov 12 2020.
[Cited Mar 2020]

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Creative Commons
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