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“Do you know when THIS is going to end?”


It was Friday, May 29th, 2020, midafternoon in Colorado, warm and sunny, about two-and-a-half months since the lockdowns began for much of the world.

At that moment, I don’t think she could have imagined what “THIS” might entail, but I had a real sense of it. I could see the writing clearly on the wall.


She asked the question with such sincere innocence, like a curious child whose parents limited her access to the news. Maybe she thought I was an oracle or seer.


I felt sadness in her eyes, but it may have been my projection. It was challenging to get a good read behind the light-blue surgical mask. I wondered what was going on in her life. 


Viral news of a Black man dying under the pressure of a police officer’s knee hadn’t yet spread like ravaging wildfires scorching across all of Earth. The protests and riots didn’t start to heat up until that evening.


Many Black Americans were already having trouble breathing. They were dying from the virus at a rate that was--and still is—two times greater than that of White people. 


The thin-young-middle-aged brown-skin woman who asked me the question was wearing an oversized t-shirt, shorts, and burgundy flip-flops. Her appearance looked a bit disheveled. She appeared anxious but with non-threatening energy.


We were both waiting in line to order, standing outside the Chipotle entrance in a suburb of Denver. Only five customers were permitted in at a time. It was just her and me. I was the next one allowed to enter.


Caught off guard by her question, I hesitated with a response, not wanting to do harm with my doom-and-gloom opinion. Fumbling from behind my smothering tight black-cloth mask (I’ve since invested in less restrictive coverings), I meekly responded, “that’s a great question . . . I don’t know.”


As one customer exits, I step in, leaving the anxious woman outside by herself.


The encounter disturbed me for a while. She crosses my mind from time to time.

May this project help ALL OF US breathe a little bit easier.

Those were her first words, and they struck a chord with me.

My name is Mark Abrams. I am just a fellow human being who cares deeply about this world. No one asked me to do this. And no one gave me permission.

This is a grassroots effort. It is offered as a gift, in service to the collective, for the benefit of humanity, and is fully supported by individual gifts in return. 

I am not selling or promoting any products or services. Nor do I have any other self-serving conflicts of interest. Really! I gratefully accept voluntary donations, but that's it. 

The purpose of this project is to try to appeal to the better nature of most reasonable human beings (regardless of politics or ideology), through thoughtful, research-backed, compassionate, above-political discussion, that it is the wrong course for humanity to mandate the jabs, bringing about a tyrannical system of permanent control and medical discrimination through digital ID vaccine passports.

I find it deeply saddening, disturbing, and alarming that many people aren't yet able to see the writing on the wall.  I hope this project will serve to shine adequate light on the situation, raise important questions, and build the community and momentum needed to help change course.

I am not anti-vaccination, nor am I attempting to convince anyone not to get the vaccine. I am against forced vaccination--requiring people to get the vaccine (or else!)--taking away the most sacred of human freedoms, the right to bodily autonomy, the right to informed consent.

The path we are headed on is an extremely dangerous one--both for the individual and for the collective--which will inevitably lead us into a dark place. No good will come as a result of our current trajectory. 

WE MUST PUT AN END TO ALL ATTEMPTS by governments and private industry to make the COVID-19 vaccines mandatory and the issuance of vaccine/immunity passports. There is no medical need for mandatory vaccinations. Doing so would set an extremely dangerous precedent for the entire world. And once it begins, it may never end.

Another way out

There is another way out, and while time is running short, there is still hope.


There are evidence-informed actions that we can immediately take to begin to end this pandemic right now that do not require indefinite impingement on our freedoms, decimating entire world economies, causing untold millions to lose their livelihoods and businesses, and all of the adverse mental, emotional, social and financial ripple effects of COVID-19 lockdowns, restrictions, isolation, and now forced vaccination and medial discrimination through vaccine passports. 

The solution that will be presented within this project works alongside voluntary vaccination and can end nearly all of the pandemic-related restrictions within a matter of weeks so that life may return to a better normal.


Immediately and significantly reduce the risk of severe COVID-19 disease and death for those who have an active infection. This is something a vaccine will never do.


Significantly ease the burden on strained hospitals and the overall medical system.

Significantly improve our ability to handle all future COVID-19 variants and help prepare the world for future biological threats.

The solution should have already been making headlines and consuming much of the airtime of every news outlet on Earth for many months, and yet it is almost nowhere to be found in the mainstream news.

At this point it seems very clear that the solution will not come from our trusted public health agencies. It will only come from the people. It will have to come from you, from me, from us.  It is going to take an army, at least tens of millions of us to stand up and speak up. THIS is what we should be marching in the streets for.

But we are not alone in this fight. There are thousands of doctors, scientists and brave leaders around the world who are behind us, but their power is limited without the will of the people behind them. 

The time is now to choose the kind of world that we want to live in going forward, for ourselves, for our children, our grandchildren, and all future generations. 

You may help spread the message. 


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