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part 1: addendum

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This Pivotal Moment

This Pivotal Moment

An extraordinary 17 min. film (Nov. 2021) that

uses powerful language and imagery to warn us

about the extreme dangers of digital ID vaccine

passports, including permanent loss of freedom. It may be time to sound the alarm.

view on:  YouTube  -  Rumble  -  Odysee  |  spread

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China - Surveillance state or way of the future?

China documentary

This 42 min. documentary (Oct. 2021) compliments "This Pivotal Moment", with an in depth, firsthand ("behind the scenes") look at China's surveillance-and-social-control-system technology, including how it is being used in the targeting of ethnic minorities. This may soon be our reality if we don't stop it.

view on:  YouTube   |   spread

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